Alice in Wonderland: Image from Wikipedia

Alice in Wonderland was one of my favourite stories growing up. Little did I realize that Lewis Carrol was the pseudonym of Charles Dodgson. An excerpt from chapter 2:

“Four times five is twelve, four times six is thirteen, and four times seven is – Oh dear!!!! I shall never get to twenty at that rate!!!”

By the way, Alice had the right answer!!! Any thoughts here?

Suite of programs

Enrichment and Fundamentals at the cornerstones of the grades 2-8 Math programs @ CTWorkshop. Math foundation (grade 9), IGCSE Extended and Additional Math, IB: Standard and Higher level and SAT programs, complete the learning prowess of our students.

All programs encompasses fundamentals, hands-on learning, and creative problem solving. Hands-on problems, puzzle solving, logical and critical reasoning as not only emphasized, these form the basic tenets of our course of instruction.

Departure from rote learning

Traditional teaching focuses on memorization and algorithm applications, not always easy for a vast number of students to comprehend without difficulties. As years progress these problems simply multiply in nature, leaving students struggling in Math.

Student learning outcomes

Students going through our programs emerge confident about their abilities in Math, sometimes ace-ing all exams such as ASSET, IPM, and other Olympiads. For many others, Math means that they fare well at their academics, even if they have just passed through the basics at school.


Our Math sessions are not tuition classes. They focus on:

  • Introducing students to problem solving strategies
  • Review open-ended, non-textbook problems
  • Focus of solving a problem using multiple approaches
  • Focus on using a single problem solving strategy for multiple types of problems
  • Have online and onsite computational concept practice